There are two security desks in the Truist Place. One is located on the Main Lobby Level adjacent to the retail corridor and the other is located on Lower Level 1.  A trained, professional security officer is on duty 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.  Periodically, officers will patrol the building.  Their function is to enforce Truist Place Rules & Regulations, maintain order and be on alert for any unusual activity within the building.  Security officers are not permitted to provide tenants or contractors access to suites without prior approval from Property Management. In addition, they are not permitted to accept deliveries from tenants under any circumstances.

Please note the following:

To maintain security within your suite, confirm that all entrances and exits to your suite are locked when you leave the building.  If others are working late, it is important that they re-secure these doors.  This is especially true on Saturday and Sunday evenings when the janitorial staff does not service your suite. Laptop computers, cellular phones, and other easily transported equipment should be kept in a secured location. During regular business hours, entrance areas should never be left unattended. In addition, valuables should always be secured and kept away from public means of entrance or exit.

The main security number is 804-344-8534.