Tenant Evacuation Officers

Floor Warden- The Floor Warden has absolute authority over all personnel assigned to their floor. The Floor Warden oversees the orderly evacuation of all offices, seeing to it that everyone leaves the building in an orderly manner. The Floor Warden makes a check of restrooms, offices, ect. to make certain all areas are empty, then advises all Alternate Floor Wardens and Stairwell Monitors to leave their floor. The Floor Warden is to ensure that any persons requiring assistance are moved to a safe location on the floor such as the stairwells or aid them in navigating down the stairs. Upon arriving on Lobby Level, the Floor Warden will report to the Security Officer at the Main Security Desk. The Floor Warden will then advise the Security Officer that the floor is clear and alert them of any individuals requiring assistance that are still on the floor. If for some reason a Floor Warden has not been identified, it is the responsibility of the Alternate Floor Warden to check restroom, ect. and verify all areas are empty. All positions should direct employees to report to their designated meeting place. 

Alternate Floor Warden- The Alternate Floor Warden will direct all personnel assigned to their floor to the nearest stairwell, making sure everyone is accounted for. After all personnel are evacuated from the floor, the Alternate Floor Warden will assist the Floor Warden to check all offices to ensure everyone has been evacuated. When relieved by the Floor Warden, the Alternate goes to the nearest stairway and evacuates the building.