Rules for Contracted Service Personnel

The following outlines the regulations and requirements that will be required of contracted service personnel working at or in Truist Place.  No deviation or exception will be permitted without the express written approval of the Property Management Office.  Questions or comments should be directed to Parmenter Realty Partners, Attention: Property Manager.

  1. Subcontractor will perform all services in a workmanlike manner, and provide all materials required and necessary to perform services in the scope of work.
  2. Subcontractor shall confine his/her use of the premises to the designated area so as to not interrupt Truist Place tenants.  Any access to occupied areas must be coordinated with the Property Manager, and the work in these areas shall take place after normal business hours.
  3. All construction materials, tools, and trash are to be transferred to and from the serviced area via the freight elevator.  At no time shall the passenger elevators be used to move personnel, materials, equipment, tools, or trash.  The use of the freight elevator shall be scheduled by the subcontractor with the Property Manager.  Tenant deliveries will be given special preference over construction deliveries.  No deliveries will be accepted at any time by building personnel.  Freight elevator may only be reserved for exclusive use during the late night of weekdays and on weekends.